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menopur in ivf cover image

What is Menopur? What does it do in IVF? How do you use it? Learn all the answers to your most common questions.

lupron in ivf cover image

Lupron is an injectable medication which can be used in IVF protocols, as a trigger or before an embryo transfer. Learn why.

ivf gender selection cover image

Is gender selection possible with IVF? What are the risks, pros and cons? Learn what the success rates are of this procedure!

progesterone shots in ivf cover image of a needle

What is progesterone in ivf used for? How long do you need to take it? Side effects? Learn everything you need to know about these injections

estradiol levels in IVF what is a good level cove image

What is the normal range for estradiol levels are in an IVF cycle? Is your level low or is it even too high? Find out more…


IVF is not very painful, however different steps of the IVF process can cause more discomfort than others. Learn what to expect at each step…