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AMH Levels Cover Image

AMH testing reveals important clues about your fertility status. Learn what impacts your levels, how to interpret results, and what to do if your ovarian reserve is low. Demystify your AMH with this comprehensive guide.

Bloating After Egg Retrieval Cover Image

Bloating after egg retrieval is common and expected. In rare cases it can be problematic. Learn what to do about it here.

Failed embryo transfer cover image

Dealing with a failed embryo transfer? Learn about the causes, potential treatments, the odds of success, & if using PRP may be helpful to you as part of a research study at Columbia University Fertility Center

can ivf pregnancies have a normal delivery cover image

Do IVF pregnancies always need cesarean delivery? Here

Estrogen priming for IVF cover image

Estrogen priming may help improve your response to medications and increase clinical pregnancy rates. Learn hor luteal estrogen can synchronize follicular growth and improve IVF outcomes

How soon can you do ivf after D&C cover image

How soon can you do IVF after a D&C? You might hear mixed messages but here are the three factors that determine the timing…c

ovulation before egg retrieval cover image

Did you ovulate before the IVF egg retrieval? Learn the causes, prevention strategies, and treatment options available…

egg freezing process cover image

Jennifer Aniston wishes she froze her eggs when she was younger. Here are the three reasons why you might consider it